Community Living Manager-- Master's Degree Program (McDaniel College)

Westminster/Gaithersburg, MD 21157/20877

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Position Description

Earn Your Master's Degree While Working as a Community Living Manager! 75% Paid Tuition, Salary, Benefits...and More!

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Heads Up Graduating Seniors...positions start at the end May or in June, and are limited. Apply today!
Congrats! You've found a very unique opportunity! Read on to learn about Target Community & Educational Services, Inc.'s Community Living Manager job and master's degree program in partnership with McDaniel College!
You can make a difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities, and earn your master's degree (which is mostly paid for) at the same time.
Some Quick Info...
• This is an (approximately) 2 year, live-in position located in either Westminster, Maryland, or Rockville, Maryland.
• Once you are hired through our company, you are automatically accepted in the master's program at McDaniel College. There are no exams to take!
• Candidates must have a bachelor's degree with an undergraduate GPA of 2.7 or above and must hold a valid US driver's license with less than three points.
• 75% of your graduate school tuition is paid for by our company!
• You have a free place to live (with utilities included) for the duration of the program!
• You will receive a salary, benefits, vacation and holiday time.
• You will be earning valuable on the job experience while getting your master's degree in Human Services Management (or a related field) from McDaniel College.

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It's a great partnership...
The partnership between Target and McDaniel College has many benefits, but two are paramount. First, the Community Living Managers working in one of Target's homes gain both an academic degree and practical experience that will prepare them to assume roles as leaders in human services organizations around the country. Second, Target's residential clients benefit from having motivated and highly-educated managers who will remain in their homes or apartments during their two-year academic program.
About the job...
You'll get experience in management, budgeting, direct care, human resources, operations, healthcare, behavior plans, staff management, etc.! The experience you gain is vast and useful for your future. It's challenging, but rewarding!
The perks...
Graduate students in this program receive a 75% tuition scholarship, an annual stipend, free room and board, health benefits, vacation and holiday time, plus more!
More on the job...
Each graduate student works an average of 40 hours per week in his/her Target home, shares responsibilities with a second McDaniel graduate student and has community living assistants working with them to help support the clients with disabilities who live in the home.
What can you do with this degree?
Our program prepares students for upper-level management positions in government agencies, general and special education, and nonprofit agencies. Some graduates also pursue teaching positions. There are several other fields our graduates have pursued as well!
The best way to see if this program is right for you is to contact us for an interview, and maybe even come check us out! Don't hesitate to ask any questions you might have.
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